Paste-up, Digital or Online
We offer three different options to create your yearbook pages.

Many schools prefer the "hands on" approach of cut and paste. This allows all participants to contribute to the final project by pasting photos and text on individual pages and submitting them to Print Graphics for scanning and printing.

The second approach is to create all pages in a computer program and provide the digital files to Print Graphics for printing. This allows the usage of computer graphics and digital photos.

The third and newest approach is our online yearbook software which will provide you with all the tools you need to create a stunning yearbook.

Either way, at Print Graphics, we will ensure that your yearbook is produced at our highest standard of quality. We stand behind every book that we produce.

Please proceed through this website by selecting the appropriate section on the left to give you specific information in regards to "Paste-up" "Online" or "Digital" versions of your pages.