Digital Yearbooks

Please Read Before Starting!!!
The idea of creating your yearbook pages in a digital format may seem daunting at first, but it will quickly become easy and fun to work with. You can use any software you are comfortable using. After you’ve completed your pages, convert them to a PDF. If you can’t convert them to a PDF, contact us for assistance or for other acceptable formats. In order to obtain the best results for your yearbook and to avoid any delays, we have compiled a list of suggestions:

• DO follow our calendar included in our Yearbook Kit. In order to meet your yearbook delivery date, we require that your files be submitted according to our schedule.
• DO use the software that you have available and are comfortable using.
• DO keep your pages to 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm (8½” x 11”) with a 13 mm (½”) margin all around for an image area of 19 cm x 25.3 cm (7½” x 10”).
• DO keep the number of fonts used in your yearbook to a minimum.
• DO shoot your digital photos at a high quality setting (check your camera instructions).
• DO scan your photos or pages at a high resolution (600 dpi resolution is best).
• DO convert all photos to grayscale for all black & white pages.
• DO change all files to PDF format (press quality) before submitting.
• DO ensure that all linked files (photos, fonts, clipart) are on the computer that you are using to make your PDF files.
• DO ensure that all file names include your school name and page numbers.
• DO encourage each member of your team to read these notes.
• DO NOT use images from the internet that are 72 dpi or less.
• DO NOT use page #’s on the front, let us put them in.
• DO print out a master set of numbered pages to submit to Print Graphics with your digital files. Please label your colour pages if applicable.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team and we will be glad to offer any assistance that you may require.