Paste Up Yearbooks

Please Read Before Starting!!!
In order to obtain the best results for your yearbook and to avoid any delays, we have compiled a list of suggestions:
• DO follow our calendar included in our Yearbook Kit. In order to meet your
yearbook delivery date, we require that your Paste-up pages be submitted
according to our schedule.
• DO ensure that all pages are marked on the back with your School Name, Page Number and Border Number (if a border is requested) and colour if applicable.
• DO ensure that fingers remain as clean as possible when gluing photos onto the Paste-up sheets to avoid fingerprints on the photos.
• DO NOT place clear tape over top of the photos or “roll” tape underneath.
• DO use the Paste-up sheets provided. If you choose to use your own paper,
please ensure that it is heavier than regular bond paper and that the image area is no larger than 19 cm x 25.3 cm (7½” x 10”). Only covers do not require a Paste-up sheet.
• DO use a glue-stick (ie. UHUstic) and not “wet” glue (ie. Elmer’s white glue).
• DO use white paper only.
• DO use original photos
• DO NOT use photos that have been printed by either a laser printer, inkjet printer or that have been photocopied.
• DO use BLACK pens or markers only and not pencil or coloured pens.
• DO NOT use “metallic” or “light coloured” stickers on the pages.
• DO use borders that we have available for you to choose from rather than adding your own (See page 15).
• DO encourage each member of your team to read these notes.
• DO a photocopy master set of numbered pages to keep as a reference.
• DO NOT use page #’s on the front let us put them in.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team and we will be glad to offer any assistance that you may require.